Here are some Five Star Books!

Twilight By: Stephenie Myer                                                                     Rating= 5 stars!
The Time Travelers Wife By: Audrey Niffenegger                                         Rating= 5 stars!
The Book Thief By: Markus Zusak                                                            Rating = 5 stars!
Animal Farm By: George Orwell                                                              Rating =5 stars!

     Twilight is a wonderful engaing book that has become a movie and swept across the country. The newest movie New Moon came out a few weeks ago wich is the second book in the series. For those of you who haven't a clue about twilight here is a quick rundown: Bella Swan moves in with her father to a town called Forks. She acts a small bit like an outcast school until she almost gets run over by a car in the parking lot, and the mysterious Edward saves her. Bella notices weird things about Edward like his strength speed and changing eyes. she later learns that Edward is a vampire. They fall in love and trouble soon follows.  really good book.

                                                              The Time Travelers Wife
This is a very famous book that came out as a movie as well. This book is from 2 points of view, Henry(the time traveler) and Claire (his wife) Henry met Claire when she was six in a meadow when Henry was time traveling 9therefor he was a man and she was a small girl) Claire grows up constantly getting visits from henry in the same place, while in henrys point of view, before he traveles he is a librarian and spending time with Claire in the present (in wich she is a lady) they are a madly in love couple but all is not well in their lives. There is a down side to Time traveling, one of wich he ends up alone in a diffrent time naked with no money etc. And Claire has to constantly deal with his repeated dissappearings. things soon take a slow twist wich grabs them along for the ride. Check out the preview for the movie below.

                                                                 The Book Thief
This book takes place in the time of Hitler. it is very interesting because it tis from the point of view of death. Now, death takes a certain intrest in a small girl named Leisel. Leisel's brother died on the train ride to her new foster family and that is how death first met her. While they were digging up a grave for him, one of the grave diggers dropped there handbook, and leisel picked it up and kept it, this was her first act of book thiefery with more to follow.
 she moves into a sreet called Himmel Street and lives with a Acoordian playing father and a strict mother. many adventures await for her there including the dangerous stunt in hiding a jew in their basement. Remember though, there is always a consequence, and it sure comes to leisel and her family. (this is a really good book :3)

                                                                  Animal Farm
This book is a very famous classic and as soon as i finished i scattered to this website to share it with you. This book is very symbolic and sends out a very important and true message about society today. George Orwell potrays this through a fairy tale about a farm with animals who over throw the farmer and take over the farm in hope of having a fair society of animals all around, free of whips and slavery. They have very strong opinions on how they are forced to work for the benifet of man who pays them nothing. They call their new farm "Animal Farm" and write seven rules all animals must  follow. I don't want to spoil the book but as you can predict not every society can stay flawless and in peace. 

P.S This movie is  came out not to long ago but it is not in the cinema any more but  you can rent it if you want. :3
Hold it! I have seen he movie for this book and i don't do movie reviews but honestly i don't think the movie does the book Justice. I don't reccomened watching it if you have not read the book because it is very fast paced and confusing if you don't know the plot exactly. For those of you who have read the book, you can rent it if you want but i personally think they did a bad job. :P 

Some Pictures of The movie and Pictures of the Covers of the rest of the books