Hey, i hope you had a great holiday, now it's time for new year's! im very excited! i am currently starting the book The Hunger Games, :3 Really goos book.
Hey as you guys may know i had to shut down Twilight fans Central :( bcause it was not getting many views. But i have i new website called Uglydollfans.weebly.com So go check it out! it's about ugly dolls my favorite plush things. :3 plus by the way i'm reading The Kite Runner, it is a O.K book. :3
Hi! i'm so glad you checked out my website! right now i'm sooo tangeled up in christmas how about you? finding time to read right? Anyway...please leave me a comment on my blog or the questions?comments? page about things that i should post up etc. Thank's for visting! Oh and i am currently reading "The messenger" By: Markus Zusak (not as great as The Book Thief.) :3