Hey, me here! summer has been VERY relaxing so far! I hate to start a blog by conffesing to how long i've have not been on so im truely sorry o all of you web fans.  updates are coming! 
Hi everyone! You may have heard of the Kobo Ereader which is a brand new Ereader that is competing against others like The Nook and The Kindle. This one is much cheaper however. Selling at $140 it's a cheap buy and you get allot. It's strictly for reading books however it's worth it! I read up on it allot and finally PRE Ordered mine because it's all shipped out where i live. However not for you folks up there in Canada! Anywho i suppose it's wired to arrive around July 4th so i'll just see. I reccomend you check it out because i am deffinetley excited! 
SO SORRY!!!! I have not been on in a WHILE i have had loads of work wash over me and it's been hard to stumble over to the website to check up. HOwever im back and i hope i can still hold on and keep checking up no matter how much work i get. THank you to everyone who has commented u really make the reading circle a better place for me.^.^ and please please PLEASE do not stop visiting this website. I'm b
gee, i have not been on in a while, i have been really busy and some things that i have been hoping for happened so im all busy celebrating for that. As well as the fact that easter is coming up! Just a few more days! P.s. sorry about the delay on the extra 5 star book i will try and post it up as soon as possible.
Hey guys! I'm so caught up in contests this month! I'm in a play writing contest, Amarettogirl's contest (i posted an ad on my contests page) and another contest as well. PLEASE READ!!! I am adding another book to the 5 stars page! So please check back soon to see which one has made it on my list! 
Hey guys, i'm FINALLY back updating things on my site. Sorry for my big absence i was quite busy with things. Anyway, as always.. please enjoy my site and comment!
hey i had a really nice holiday hope you did to! im currently starting a new book
Hey, i hope you had a great holiday, now it's time for new year's! im very excited! i am currently starting the book The Hunger Games, :3 Really goos book.
Hey as you guys may know i had to shut down Twilight fans Central :( bcause it was not getting many views. But i have i new website called Uglydollfans.weebly.com So go check it out! it's about ugly dolls my favorite plush things. :3 plus by the way i'm reading The Kite Runner, it is a O.K book. :3
Hi! i'm so glad you checked out my website! right now i'm sooo tangeled up in christmas how about you? finding time to read right? Anyway...please leave me a comment on my blog or the questions?comments? page about things that i should post up etc. Thank's for visting! Oh and i am currently reading "The messenger" By: Markus Zusak (not as great as The Book Thief.) :3