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Hello and welcome to The Reading On this website you are sure to come upon many things. here you can find book reviews and see my favorite books. You can post a comment and we will have a chat. here you can look at many things revolving around books and writing. So come on and explore. You can leave comments or questions on the 'comments/questions? page, or on my blog. Thank you and i hope you enjoy my site, spread the word to your friends :3. 

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Hello fellow reading circle fans.
I have some news. It can be good or bad for you that depends on the person. However, i'm closing this site down. BUT WAIT! Hold your breath there, i'm just moving from here to blogspot! Weebly has been a awesome experince but, im starting new. The new title will be The book nerd shelf at (yes i came up with the lame name myself) and it will have all the reading circle stuff but better. Since its a blog it will be updated more often.
This site will be availble for reccomended looking at October 11th 2010. So don't fret! I will be leaving this site up her fro those of you to know plus i'm not throwing away old memories. :)  I just won't be updating it. SO come on and check the new site out and tell your friends! :D 

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