Simply Scrumshus

                                        A recipe for success :)

Welcome to, Simply Scrumshus

No this is not a page about food recipes but writing recipes! This page will help you to exceed in writing that you  wish to well, write! On this page there are 2 options, you can send me your writing seperate from the comments page and i will review it and try to get back to you via email as fast as i can. Please do not be upset if it's not right away, i'm a tad busy you know! :) The other option is to read the three simple steps below that will change every month. HAPPY WRITING!

The steps for the month

- Think of interesting characters, make them deep and give them interesting backrounds

- have an engaging plot

-Be descriptive of scenery 

p.s excuse my miss spellings i was in a rush while making this page ;)

Option one is under construction for the time being please check back soon!