HI! i'm known as Rina. I am a fan of Twilight as you may know. My favorite book is The Time Travelers Wife. I enjoy writing and i am allready planning  a story line for a book i'm going to write called "Missing love" However the story line to it is a secret. :) you can say i love any kind of writing: Short  story, poems, monolouges, memoirs, fantasy etc.  I guess you can say i'm quite the book worm ;) I live with my accomplice Marshmallow the hamster and books stretching outward on shelves.   
I created this website for book lovers like me to stop wandering around looking for a good book because now they can look right here at my highly recommended books that i have read. And don't worry if a books not that great i wont post it up. This website is also for chit chatting about books and for YOU book lovers to hang out create comments and once in a while enter my mini contests. There for, make your self at home here and remember WRITE,WRITE,WRITE! :3