Hello fellow website visitors, as you may know this website will not only suit you as a reading website but a writing one as well. Please feel free to enter a writing sample of yours to be posted on this very page. Thank you, enjoy, and write. 

"Moon" by: me
Her fingers kissed the hard wood lightly as her eyes skimmed the room. Empty. The feeling overflowed the room. The window sat quite lonely in the very middle of the stripped wall. She walked towards it and lay her warm palm against the cold glass. She rose her head as the bitter coldness bit from the other side of the window onto her palm. She jerked backed, now frightened. She never spent a day with out Hunter...and now here she stood in the empty house alone. She looked at the moon. "you are rather big tonight aren't you?" She whispered. The moon spilled light blue light against the window as if in response. She giggled, no longer cold, and danced out the door.

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So that was just a piece that i wrote to put up here, it's not my best...just an example. Anyway all writing is welcome here as long as you follow the rules and keep it approriate. Thank you!  

Here is an amazing peice sent to me by :  Asakuun Draconis

My Writing Sample (read the full story at my site, http://www.readonline.weebly.com) From Youngling To Warrior - Joshin Asakuun stepped through the gate. The wind moved the gate slightly, causing it to squeal back and forth – squeaking her arrival into the dusty lot. There was nobody outside; Asakuun assumed they were either dead or had left long ago. But of course, Asakuun noted, not everything was what it looked to be. It was then that Asakuun heard a sob from inside the decrepit house. A child? Or a trap? Whatever it was, Asakuun walked silently into the house. Another sob. It was louder than before, and to Asakuun’s right. She turned into the doorway and saw what had been the source of the two faint sobs. There was a young boy with a face darkened by soot sitting in a moth-eaten pile of blankets. He was very close to death – Asakuun would know, for she was Death, in part.