Hey, me here! summer has been VERY relaxing so far! I hate to start a blog by conffesing to how long i've have not been on so im truely sorry o all of you web fans.  updates are coming! 
8/18/2010 11:40:55 am

I think your website is so cool! Can you put me in the Spotlight Websites! place? My blog is stylishgeek.weebly.com Please check it out! :)

9/5/2010 02:52:16 am

Hooray for updates! ^^

Although, the new theme isn't very good in this case. If you'd like, I'd be glad to work on the theme of your site for you in my spare time. I've worked on this site already:


It's an excellent example ^^

(if you want me to work on your site, email me)


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